An innovative fusion of spanish + mexican authentic fare. Can’t get away to the beach? Come to MAR and we’ll make you feel as if you’re relaxing on the beach in Mexico. Enjoy a light bite of tacos and tostadas, or try the delicous cebiches and wood roasted seafood and meats.

A unique menu offers an array of flavorful dishes – wood roasted fish, lamb and steaks, coastal tacos and tostadas, cebiche, and more. In addition to a range of premium seafood dishes, MAR offers an extensive tequila list and coastal specialty drinks such as mojitos, margaritas and micheladas, as well as diverse wine list and beers.

Modern yet rustic, MAR offers an airy, casual and relaxed environment. With indoor dining and a spacious outdoor patio, Atlantans of all ages can unwind, come together and enjoy a little bit of the coast in the city.